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About Ault Park

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 2015 Ault Park Events & Membership Reply Form

APAC_2015SpringMailing_Final copyPrint this and post on your fridge to keep track of all the FUN at Ault Park. Clip the form and become a member, too. Help us maintain Ault Park as one of the crown jewels of Cincinnati Parks.






Ault Park Summer Events for 2015 — Mark Your Calendars Now!

Summer Dance Series

From Classic cars to a vodka tasting and summer dances, there’s an event for everyone! You’ll want to mark your calendar for all of our fun summer events scheduled at Ault Park!

Here’s a list of our awesome events: http://www.aultparkac.org/events/apac/


Some sad news – the passing of Catherine “Catie” Katz

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Catherine “Catie” Katz on Sunday, January 25, 2015. Catie Katz was part of a small group of neighbors and supporters of Ault Park that initiated the resurrection of the park in the early 1980s. This group, which included Marlene Holwadel, Celia May Brumm, Kurtzie Gonzales and Dottie Kranz, began the Adopt-A-Plot gardens and initiated the restoration of the Pavilion. Ault Park wouldn’t be the grand jewel that it is today without the efforts of Catie and her friends.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Reuven, Catie’s husband, and the entire Katz family.

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

DSC_2788Dead tree. Dead tree removed. Unsightly patch of weeds, mulch and nothingness left behind plus one gardener who is obsessed with adding more gardens to her little slice of the park.  For at least a year this little spot bugged me. I want to make the approach to the Adopt-a-Plot gardens tidy, well manicured and in an ideal world, with a lovely mixed border along the drive.   By Jennifer Koester Smith more …


The Great Lawn Garden

The Great Lawn Garden

The new Great Lawn Garden has been planted thanks to the generous contributions from donors. The garden was planted on Memorial Weekend by the Adopt-a-plot gardeners. The Great Lawn Garden was planted at the Observatory entrance at the west end of the Great Lawn. APAC would like to thank all of those that donated to the garden. Without the donations, the garden would not be made possible.



Do You See it? There is Something New, Today


I was so glad she saw that the park does change each day. In the past a few people have asked me what I could possibly take pictures of each day. One helpful hint is not to walk around with a iPhone in your face … just saying!  OK that was snarky, but truth be told, isn’t all this technology supposed to make life easier, not take our time away from nature? By Jenny Koester  more….






New Year Intentions as Taught by a Garden


A new garden doesn’t magically appear, it it transformed, it is coaxed, it is tended to, planned for and nurtured year-round. It is watered and weeded in the summer and revised, mulched, protected from biting winter winds and given new plants in the early spring.
This year let’s take a lesson from a garden we love. Remember all the time and attention that was given to that little plot of earth to make it remarkable and set an intention to spend as much time on ourselves, coaxing forth our greatness and forgiving ourselves when things don’t go quite as planned.  Gardeners know, even the best planned garden has its hiccups, but we learn and live to garden anew.  By Jenny Koester  more….

Silent Sunday


Autumn – It is easy to be enthralled with the colorful fall foliage. It is spectacular, fleeting and a beautiful way to transition from the long, carefree days of summer to our more restful, reflective days of winter.  But what also catches my eye as I walk around the park are the spent flowers, empty seed cases and vacant milkweed pods.   By Jenny Koester  more



Project Groundwork Complete

Valley Trail Stream

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) — in partnership with the Cincinnati Park Board and Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District — has completed its first large-scale stream restoration (daylighting) project in Ault Park, Cincinnati’s fourth largest park.

Read more here:  http://ht.ly/oX7dF


Looking into the Future


A few nights ago I tried to figure out why I was struggling to photograph one bench. After making my rounds of the gardens to take pictures, I had a few minutes to spare during which I sat and stared at the bench that gives me fits.  The more I stared, the harder it was to see the answer. … It is hard to see where you will be a year, or two, or ten down the road even when you know your passion is gardening and plants. No matter how hard you stare and think and struggle, you cannot see the answer.  We can only prepare, work hard and learn the lessons to be learned. When we are ready the answer will come into focus. By Jenny Koester  More  

The Heart of the Park

FALL APnIf the kitchen is the heart of the home then the pavilion is the heart of Ault Park. Autumn is my favorite time to stand atop the grand structure. Cold breezes wash away summer hours in the gardens digging, planting and weeding.  I love the story of the rebirth of the pavilion and our park. It reminds me that no matter how far gone we may be, no matter how broken we may feel, we can recover. The park was not brought back to life by the one grand donation of a large check. It came to life one step, one baluster at a time; as can we. By Jenny Koester  more


Just Be ~ Welcoming the Silence

DSC_0004I know I am not the only one noticing that our attention span is dwindling faster than a puddle in the desert. When did this happen when we cannot sit for a few moments with our thoughts and just be? Why do we have to be plugged in, tuned in, online, busy, busybusy every single moment? By Jenny Koester   more


A Gardener’s Butterflies


There are the butterflies we plan for in our gardens. We carefully select plants that will attract our favorite butterflies, such as Monarchs and wait with excited anticipation for their arrival. These are good butterflies. Then there are the butterflies we get in the pit of our stomach when we have been away from our gardens far too long and long can be two days.  By Jenny Koester more…




Support Ault Park with Text-to-Donate!


Text2Donate-02 KellyNow you can make a one-time $10.00 donation that is added to your cellphone bill.  Simply text the keyword “AULT” to 80100.  You will receive a confirmation text message, then a follow-up that thanks you for your one-time donation. The second text also provides a link so that you can sign up for email updates from the Ault Park Advisory Council.  Thanks to Deb Allison at Cincinnati Parks, Denny Carroll at CBTS and Jim Manis at the Mobile Giving Foundation for making this important service possible.  The Terms and Conditions of the Mobile Giving Foundation “Text to Donate” service, and all of APAC’s membership and donation options can be found found at this link:  http://www.aultparkac.org/membership/membership-payment/

Terms & Conditions: A one-time donation of $10.00 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Donor must be age 18+ and all donations must be authorized by the account holder (e.g. parents). By texting YES, the user agrees to the terms and conditions. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the “Cincinnati Parks Foundation” by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found atwww.hmgf.org/t. Message & Data Rates May Apply. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to short code “80100”; text HELP to “80100” for help. Privacy Policy


The Summer Border Garden


The summer border garden along the south lawn of Ault Park reminds me of a painting I would see at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The plants, certainly not your typical flower garden variety, tower over me come summer. As the season progresses the stalks, heavy with blooms, gently lean into the walk, forcing me to slow my pace as I walk the paths within the gardens. By Jenny Koester More

Beyond Spectacular


Recently mornings at Ault Park have been beyond spectacular. The colors are vibrant, the gardens are exceptionally lush and the light has been inspiring.  We have had a lot of rain and the gardens are thriving in the constant moisture and warm days. The heat can be oppressive at times, but in Cincinnati just wait a week and the weather tides will change. More  By Jenny Koester

The Park is Beautiful

DSC_0643-001 I have been to the park quite a bit this year, not that you can tell from my posts. I have been holding myself back; thinking I should have long, thoughtful posts when most of the time what is going through my mind as I visit Ault Park is rather simple.  Then I realized that simplicity, that clear focus was peace, being in the moment and enjoying beauty. What is so simple about that?  More  By Jenny Koester



A good time was had by all.

Dancing the Night Away

Dancing the Night Away

Thursday night I traded in my pruners and garden gloves for a cold beer, grilled cheese sandwich and fabulous tunes by the Modulators.  Summers at Ault Park means gardens in full bloom, weddings, picnics and the summer dance series at the Pavilion.   MORE   By Jenny Koester






An Interview with Richard Dubé, Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. Brewmaster

Northern Liberties IPAThe Ault Park Advisory Council is delighted to present an interview with Brewmaster Richard Dubé as we prepare to tap the first pin of cask conditioned, dry hopped Northen Liberties IPA, celebrating the first Summer Dance Series on Thursday, June 20th.







A Year in the Park

DSC_0201BYellow is the new purple in the sun garden. It wasn’t too long ago that the purple irises were center stage in this little plot in the sun.  Passing under the Magnolia grandiflora and up the steps to the adopt-a-plot gardens, the sun garden is one of the first gardens you will see.
   By Jenny Koester

Ault Park Advisory Council Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 13Join us for the Annual Meeting of the Ault Park Advisory Council on Tuesday May 28th!  It’s a great opportunity to hear more about the park and celebrate APAC’s 25th Anniversary.  We are also offering tours of the gardens with Adopt-A-Plot Committee Chair Jenny Koester and the Ault Park trails with Dr. Stan Hedeen!   http://www.aultparkac.org/?p=575


IMPORTANT NEWS: City Parks Budget

Please read–and share–this important message from APAC President Mina Stricklin regarding the City of Cincinnati’s proposed budget cuts to the Parks Department.  Read Mina’s message here:  http://www.aultparkac.org/564/

A Year in the Park


As I strolled about the park yesterday morning I couldn’t help but wonder, how could anyone not fall in love with gardening on a day like today?  It was the perfect morning at the park. The sky was clear, the breeze soft and spring and summer were meeting with a gentle embrace. … When the gardens begin to come to life it is not only gardeners who are bent over, studying every new green shoot and promising flower bud, everyone appears to be deeply fascinated with seeing what is emerging in the gardens.  More   By Jenny Koester



A Year in the Park


Few events drive visitors to the park in such numbers as the blooming of the Cherry Trees. It may be the ultimate sign that spring has arrived to Cincinnati. Ault Park is adorned with countless delicate, blushing pinks blooms.   More   By Jenny Koester 



New Event – Art in Ault, Featuring Paintings of Ault Park by Artist Holly Schapker

Meet renowned local artist, Holly Schapker on May 2nd, and preview her gorgeous Ault Park works in advance of her full exhibit of the Ault Park series opening May 17 at the Xavier University Art Gallery.


Art in Ault is sponsored by the Ault Park Advisory Council with support from Cincinnati Parks, Premiere Park Events, and APAC members.  With very special thanks to Holly for her generous donation of a portion of the sales proceeds to the care and maintenance of Ault Park.  Join us to enjoy beautiful art and fine wines.

More on the artist at:  www.hollyschapker.com
Xavier exhibit from May 17 to June 28 details at:  http://www.xavier.edu/art/art-gallery.cfm

Art in Ault: An Interview with Artist Holly Schapker

Ida May and Levi Addison Ault surely knew the allure of the quiet natural space in what would become Ault Park following their gift of the original 142

Artist Holly Schapker

Artist Holly Schapker

acre tract of land to the City of Cincinnati in 1911.  On May 2nd, the Ault Park Advisory Council (APAC) is proud to offer a showing of artist Holly Schapker’s paintings that capture that natural allure of our beautiful park.  Enjoy Holly’s perspective in this short, pre-show interview.  – Rudy Siegel, APAC Marketing Committee . Read more…  




A Year in the Park

DSC_0175The Star Magnolias are in the spotlight at Ault Park and all around the neighborhood.  I have been watching the buds closely the last few weeks as our weather took us on a roller coaster of a ride. Warm Saturdays followed by snowy Sundays had me nervous and I am sure the plants were perplexed.  More   By Jenny Koester

A Year In The Park

DSC_0190I have been down the Valley Trail a few times but the remaining network of trails was still foreign to me. It is pretty sad to be at the park as often as I am and not even hike the trails once. So Sunday morning I ventured out with Darryl and a handful of hikers to enjoy a quiet morning at Ault. … My boots felt comfortable, I steadied myself on the slick, muddy trails with a trekking pole and held the camera close to my side as we followed the remains of an old stone wall.  More  By Jenny Koester


Valley Trail Stream Restoration Complete

The Cincinnati Park Board in partnership with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) and the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District, undertook a stream restoration project in Ault Park. The project “day – lighted” collected storm water that previously was routed underground in the combined storm water and sewer line. Now storm water becomes an asset and means a constantly running, natural run-off Valley Trail stream.

Valley Trail Stream

Valley Trail Stream

The stream bed was restored with pools and cascades that will minimize erosion while also providing a pleasant “running water” environment. More information about the project can be found at the Project Groundwork.